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Wednesday, 16 November 2011


The day of my run is rapidly approaching. I'm not sure if i'm ready... Thirteen miles, a half marathon. I've ran it before, yes, but have only really started training in the last month and a half after an absence of six. It'll be a real test for myself. I did it once, but was it a fluke? I remember the pain at the end of the last half marathon. I remember telling myself that i'd never do it again. So it beats me why I am doing it again. In all honesty, the only reason why is if I didn't sign up for these races then I wouldn't do any excersize whatsoever. I'd just fester, ferment.

Whenever I start running there is always a couple of weeks of complaining - almost a rejection in my head. I don't want to run, because of the pain, because of the disappointment of going out to run six miles but only managing three. Once I start to get used to the distances, it gets much better. I feel much better. A feeling comes back that I always manage to forget. It's some sort of pride like emotion. Where I feel I am doing something that is worth it. Something that will take my mind off of drinking every weekend.

My advice to anyone is, if you can run.. run. Or do at least some form of exercise. Because being unfit affects you more than you realise.


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