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Thursday, 3 November 2011

We need to get the band back together.

Okay, so there was never a band per se, but I have always had an interest in music, I've been in somewhat unsuccessful bands where I wasn't so much at the forefront of the music making process - I was once in a band that I tried very hard to be a part of but it was the leader's baby, and I was forced to leave because I didn't want to take a back seat. I'm really keen on bringing together a group of people, hopefully I can rope some of my friends into it too, where we all have an equal part in the music that is made and the direction we wish to go. I'm very keen on making music, not so much as a career choice, as it's a very hard business to crack, but at least as part of my life. Making music is something I love doing. I'll try to keep updating on what is going on in that part of my life! -Rob.

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