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Sunday, 23 October 2011

The End

So last Wednesday I found myself inexplicably unwell, so I took the day off work and decided to do a bit more reading. I'd roared through my Series of Unfortunate Events books, and had two more left. What great books they were. I loved that there were so many questions raised in the books, that there was a reason behind the great tragedy in the first book, but this was not made apparent until a lot later in the series. It really made you feel for the characters. They really were entertaining, they left a few mysteries which haven't been answered, which is great, it's not a perfect world, after all! It's been a pretty strange weekend for me. After my illness recovery (I was actually only ill for a day, before getting better again) I wandered round the city yesterday and bought myself some trousers. Today I think i'll be taking it rather easy! -Rob.

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