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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Bad Beginning

No, not a description of this blog, but a book that I have recently read once again.

No, i'm not an illiterate fool who is only able to read children's books. I've actually just begun to read the whole Series of Unfortunate Events books again, I only got to around book eight when I was younger, and there being thirteen books I felt that I needed to read them again and get them all out of the way!

I feel that I could read one book a day, but given my hectic work schedule, it'll probably take me three days to read a book and take it all in. So I think were looking at a month of heavy reading here! They're simple books, but they are very entertaining. I'll have to read a few Dickens novels after to balance it out!

So tonight after getting everything done I will be sitting down to The Reptile Room, the second in the series of books! I'll keep you posted!


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